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Since its founding in 2004, Global Links Technologies LLC. has become the leading of designing supplying and Installation for the latest technologies, with offices in 2 countries worldwide, including the U.S. Headquarters in Alabama. Global Links Technologies LLC. was established to be the technology partner for its clients. Serving a global client base, it delivers hi-tech technology services, consulting, and systems integration and managed services. With its deep technology expertise and industry knowledge, it works with clients across the following market sectors: Manufacturing, Retail, Services; Public, Health & Transports; Financial Services; Telecoms, Media & Technology; Energy & Utilities.

 Global Links Technologies LLC. is focused on business  technology that powers progress and helps organizations to  create their firm of the future and makes sure that its ability to  service clients is not limited by geographical boundaries. The  company management, operations and support systems are  all built on the philosophy of mobility. Such resources can be  temporary deployed at a project site or permanently re  employed at a new branch office location.  By standardizing  each system’s business processes Global Links Technologies LLC. teams are able to operate globally with the supervision of a  centralized QA/QC system.We look to serve our clients with a partnership attitude. Our solutions approach is based on scientific and analytical information to match clients with best fit solution. Time, quality and cost are our basic criteria to dictate the path to the solution. Our employees are the most valuable asset in Global Links Technologies LLC. Their expertise constitutes the core offering of the company.  

Technology was yesterday – today there are business technologists

We think that a dynamic and changing business environment requires a unique type of professional - one that doesn’t presume to know the answers. A professional that really listens and comes up with innovative answers to our clients’ business challenges - working with them to create the firm of the future.

Consulting & Technology Services 

Global Links Technologies LLC. Consulting & Technology Services help clients deliver innovation to their customers and improve cost and effectiveness by leveraging Information Technologies. With our certified experts we provide advisory services and expertise so that our clients keep control of their processes and projects, can customize as much as required by directly managing the resources provided, and keep ownership of their assets and systems. Our three practices: Business Innovation, Operational Excellence and IT Leadership offer a range of cost effective transformation and innovative solutions tailored to each industry-sector.

Smart Building and Systems Integration

Global Links Technologies Co. provide owners, developers and architects with buildings and communities that are easier to manage, operate and meet their environmental and financial objectives. and a suite of services to our clients including design and engineering, consulting, project management, and program management.Our expertise in integrated building system design encompasses a broad range of building uses, from education and healthcare to mixed use, residential, office, and manufacturing.  

Oil and GAS Technology

Global Links Technologies LLC. provide onshore and offshore applications in the oil and gas industries. including extraction, separation, gathering and treatment of crude oil and natural gas, upstream and downstream production facilities. 

Global Links Technologies Co. provide to Oil and Gas Sector client the Seismic instruments and data acquisition systems and products are used in a broad range of applications: Seismology, Structural Monitoring, Seismic Site Evaluation, Civil Engineering, Gas and Oil Exploration, Industrial Vibration Monitoring. 

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