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Global Links Technologies LLC. Fire & Life Safety Services has 10 years of experience in helping customers define their fire and life safety criteria, meeting architectural requirements, operations goals, and providing detailed due diligence to avoid costly design changes or delays in construction and project schedules.  Our staff is particularly adept at developing innovative solutions to complex code issues and resolving conflicts where multiple codes and / or standards apply.  We establish the appropriate code, standard, and technical basis for alternative design criteria for your specific building type and occupancy classification.   Keeping current with the fire code and fire protection standards three year revisions insures our clients receive the latest compliance information available.

Our Fire & Life Safety's proven success, is based on our years of experience in the "proper application" of fire code and fire protection requirements, as well as, our ability to work closely with code enforcing authorities to develop a relationship of trust and professional respect.  These professional relationships greatly enhance cooperation and resolution of important matters regarding fire protection systems for the protection of occupants and property. Our ability to effectively communicate with code enforcement officials is an important aspects in achieving successful outcomes for our clients.

Fire & Life Safety's extensive practical experience, superior technical knowledge and thorough understanding of  the fire service concerns enables us to quickly resolve code issues.

Most fire code officials typically obtain their experience through "on the job training."    Fire & Life Safety bridges the gap from design professionals to code officials with detailed  fire code analysis, technical reports / references, AutoCAD drawings,  and plan reviews.

Our clients receive the Fire & Life Safety advantage by utilizing our  years of fire service experience and technical knowledge to identify and effectively address fire protection and life safety issues. New clients soon discover that Fire & Life Safety's consulting service pay for themselves by eliminating costly delays by either on the job training or trial & error mistakes. 

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